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10 actresses of North Indian origin who found 'dear success' in South Indian Cinema – Yahoo News UK

Keep up to speed at a glance with the Top 10 daily stories
Keep up to speed at a glance with the Top 10 daily stories
Keep up to speed at a glance with the Top 10 daily stories

Do you know that the South Indian film Industry is just as huge as the Hindi film Industry in Mumbai? It has a massive market outside India and fetches almost similar and at times greater returns.
This is why the industry, popularly known as Tollywood, has attracted actors from all over. The welcoming audience body never bore barriers in mind and showered these actors with unbounded love and followership.
Here are 10 actresses from North India – some have even worked in Hindi films – , who have massive careers in the South.
The Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) voted on the best achievements in film in 2021 on Saturday, announcing its award winners through its Twitter account. The organization named Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s breakout drama “Drive My Car” as the best film of the year, with “The Power of the Dog” taking the runner-up slot. LAFCA flipped […]
A drone photographer captured a snowy mountain top in Tazewell County, Virginia, on Sunday, December 19.Footage by Billy Bowling shows a dusting of snow atop a mountain near the West Virginia border. “We’ll take white over brown every day,” Bowling said in a Tweet.The National Weather Services said a cold front brought low temperatures to the area on Sunday afternoon that would drop again on Sunday night. Credit: Billy Bowling via Storyful
Additional funding to tackle the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland has been doubled – after the health secretary refused to rule out a two-week circuit-breaker lockdown. The devolved administrations can now spend an additional £860m, the Treasury said, after extra measures and guidance to tackle Omicron were announced by the first ministers of Scotland and Wales.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed the foreign minister to lead talks with Europe Sunday after the resignation of the Brexit minister sent shockwaves through the already troubled London administration. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will take on the EU negotiating brief — including the knotty issue of Northern Ireland's relationship with Brussels — with immediate effect, Downing Street said in a statement.The forced shuffle came a day after David Frost, a trusted ally of the prime min
Lord Frost had been at the forefront of post-Brexit negotiations with the EU.
The decision by Bangladesh to close schools for Rohingya refugees risks leaving a generation of children "practically uneducated", a United Nations human rights envoy warned Sunday.
Monday’s papers are again dominated by Omicron and its threat to Christmas as scientists recommend restrictions on the nation.
Openly gay wrestling superstar Sonya Deville thinks the WWE should start incorporating LGBT+ characters “naturally” into its programmes.
Gosh, we’d never survive the zombie apocalypse, I thought, in the wake of the mild panic that ensued when the router went pop
A meteorologist took a walk through Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night, December 19, as light snow fell.In a Tweet, Josh Cozart said he was “walking in a winter wonderland in Portland”.The National Weather Service in Portland said a cold front moving inland increased chances of snow over the weekend. Credit: Josh Cozart via Storyful
New York City’s positivity rate doubled within three days this week, according to city health officials
Ronan Keating first suggested last year on 'Good Morning Britain' that he could have a vasectomy.
A government aide has said vaccine passports are an "affront to British and democratic values" and "do not work".
Health officials urge Americans to get vaccinated and boosted against rapidly spreading Omicron variant
Typhoon Rai swept through the central region of Vietnam after it had brought death and destruction to the Philippines earlier. The footage filmed on Sunday (December 12) shows the aftermath of the storm, with many houses damaged by heavy rain and strong winds. Typhoon Rai killed at least 169 people in the Philippines over the past days.
‘He put his state and his country ahead of self and party’
David McLeod was reported missing on Thursday.
More than 10,000 new Omicron cases have been reported in the UK in the highest increase so far – as the number of overall COVID infections exceeded 90,000 for the second day running. The UK Health Security Agency confirmed an additional 10,059 cases of the new variant, three times as many as yesterday (3,201) and taking the total number detected to 24,968. Another 90,418 overall COVID infections have also been reported – an end to three successive rises, but only the second time cases have been higher than 90,000.
Jake Paul continued his unbeaten boxing run as he stopped Tyron Woodley with a stunning right hand in the sixth round. After an opening two rounds without any real exchanges, Paul faced a potentially dangerous setback in the third round when yet another clinch resulted in a deep cut opening up on his forehead. The blood streamed down into his eyes and appeared to interfere with his vision, but Woodley did not take the opportunity to jump on his opponent and push the pace.
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