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25 Plus Size Bikini Trending For Summer Picks –

From the development of the sewing machine to the emergence of e-commerce, fashion has always been at the forefront of innovation.
With summer fast approaching, swimwear sales are on the rise. In this article, therefore, we will be discussing the bikini trends for summer 2022, but with a focus on plus size. We will also highlight the latest trend of plus size bikinis on e-commerce platforms and why it is a profitable business for B2B sellers.
So if you’re in the wholesale business wondering which profitable products to stock, make sure you read till the end as we will list out 25 trending types of plus size bikinis for the upcoming summer.
First, let’s begin by addressing why selling a plus-size bikini is profitable.
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The swimsuit industry is anticipated to reach $28.7 billion by 2025.1 Consumers now have more disposable income, allowing them to enjoy vacations all around the world.
Launching a plus size swimsuit brand can be extremely successful if the designs are appealing to buyers and the costs are reasonable.
Growing consumer interest in swimming, as well as an increase in the number of family trips to the beach, feeds demand for swimwear, moving the industry forward. Furthermore, factors such as women's strong desire for luxury swimwear, an increase in the number of public or private swimming pools and clubs, and high e-commerce platform penetration and acceptance rates all contribute to market growth.
Even though the typical Canadian woman wears a size 142, consumers classified as "plus size" have had to shop at specialist boutiques for clothing and swimwear for years. Most women in the United States and the United Kingdom are part of this group, yet they have found shopping exhausting in an industry that has long excluded them in order to promote a thinner, often unattainable ideal, despite the fact that consumers have been wearing larger sizes on average over the last few decades.
However, in the last five years, the body positivity and plus-size acceptance movements have gained enough popularity to have an impact on mainstream culture. In fact, plus-size clothing has been rising at double the rate of straight-size clothing. Plus-size women's apparel retailers in the United Kingdom grew by 1.9 % from 2015 to 2020, with a market of £734 million ($963 million).2 As fashion consumption declines due to the pandemic, profits in the plus-size apparel business are expected to rise. Similar patterns can be observed in the United States, where the plus-size fashion business is estimated to be worth $24 billion.2
It is the perfect opportunity and a lucrative potential for B2B sellers to tap into and dominate the plus size bikini market. Let’s take a look at 25 trending bikini products you can stock for summer 2022.
plus size bikini
The plus size swimwear business is booming, thanks to a growing plus-size fashion market, vocal plus size fashion influencers, and a more body-positive industry in general.
Consumers consider a variety of factors while looking for the best plus size swimwear. They may want to consider the ideal bikini for their body shape in addition to size.
While this does add extra things to think about, it's wise to consider this when stocking the products as you can add this to your product descriptions. For example, you could mention if the bikini would suit a pear-shaped body, an hourglass silhouette or an apple body shape. This will help consumers feel they are "seen".
The items in this list were chosen for their comfort, quality, and style. We've selected a combination of one and two piece swimwear in a variety of shapes to flatter various body types. As wholesalers and resellers, you want to help consumers discover plus size swimwear that makes them feel wonderful.
Let's reveal this season's 25 must-have and trending looks that will help plus size consumers feel confident and supported:
plus size bikini
Not everyone opts for a bright and vibrant swimsuit choice, so stocking an all black one-piece is a must! It’s classic and perfect for sculpting and shaping curves. Selling one with thicker fabric will ensure extra added support and comfort. The ruffled shape across the midriff makes this a plus size swimsuit for people who are self-conscious about their midsection, and if you opt for a sweetheart neckline it will surely help frame a fuller bust.
A one-piece swimsuit with a bare-midriff silhouette and tie support at the front is very in-keeping with current swimwear trends. It's ideal for individuals who don't want to wear a two-piece but yet want to show some skin.
The must-have bikini for this season is the gorgeous Raina Bikini. The beautiful two-piece ensemble comes in a variety of colors, with high-waisted bottoms that create an hourglass shape.
A polka dot bikini never goes out of style, and this one is perfect if you're worried about your midriff but want to try a two-piece. It helps smooth and sculpt your body with high-rise bikini bottoms and amazing stretch fabric. It comes with a matching bra top that provides outstanding lift and fit, resulting in a classic bikini that you'll feel confident in and around the pool.
This ingenious plus-size bikini comes with a wealth of styling advice. For people who are self-conscious about their upper arms, the charming 3/4 length sleeve provides the perfect coverage. The high-waisted shorts will assist to contour and slim your belly, while the bardot style neckline will give your bust line more volume. The ruffled top not only gives the appearance of a bigger bust, but it also helps to balance out pear shapes by imitating a hip-width up top. This automatically creates an hourglass appearance by narrowing your waistline. While the design is bold, a flowery print is unlikely to go out of style, and with so many innovative styling options in one bikini, your consumers will be wearing it for years.
The unsung star of a swimwear capsule wardrobe is the swim dress. The swim dress is ideal for people who find putting on a two-piece or a swimsuit too exposing. It allows you to be pool ready without revealing too much. While this swim dress has a more fitting profile, there are a variety of variations available. Swimdresses skim your figure and have a more vintage look.
If you're apprehensive about baring your midriff, a tankini is a great way to ease into the two-piece world. A tankini is a swimsuit top that is worn with briefs. As with any swimwear, the fashions differ greatly from one manufacturer to the next, and there are various versions with bra-style tops that provide lots of support. This polka dot design will never go out of style, and it's perfect for tummy-conscious apple shapes. This tankini's bubble design provides a more relaxed fit around the stomach, allowing for more skimming if that's a region where you're self-conscious.
The color block portions on the sides of the swimsuit create a narrower waistline, making you seem longer and leaner. The swimsuit features a zip front clasp, giving it a wetsuit type appeal, ideal for people who have or want to develop hourglass curves.
This one-shoulder bikini is available in a number of colors. The best-selling style is supportive and full-coverage, with a scoop back that reveals just enough skin.
Every swimwear collection needs a tie-front bikini top, and if you offer a variety of colors to choose from you can sell a mix and match with all types of bottoms. It's also seamless, which is ideal for smoothly layering a cover-up on top of your suit without highlighting creases.
Lace-up swimwear is possibly the hottest trend this summer. A gorgeous look that is becoming increasingly popular. For a sporty style, pair this trend with plus size swim shorts, or go for a plus size lace two-piece if you're feeling bold!
Perfect for women with fuller busts, this style is great for curved hourglass figures, since it has a narrow belt with a tortoiseshell buckle. The sweetheart neckline and waist-defining belt will pull the attention down your silhouette and to your slimmest section, highlighting your contours.
When you add this swim dress to your collection, you might be tempted to ditch your tankini combo. It twists in the front creating a collected look that lifts your midriff while accentuating it.
You can anticipate all the support of a traditional bra top without the annoying, poking wires thanks to molded cups. The super-wide straps raise your breasts by themselves, and the power mesh inside adds compression for a clean finish.
This stunning two-piece combination includes a tummy-controlling full-coverage high-waist bottom and a long-line halter top with wide straps. The perfect balance of skin and coverage in one swimsuit, in a wide variety of colors.
Playful pineapple and floral print, is great to carry standing or sitting, doesn't make you seem bulky, and the elastic and soft cushioned cups at the chest hold everything in place!
A ruched, strapless one-piece in a variety of colors is another classic. It's strapless, so there are no tan lines to worry about, but you can simply add an alternative strap for further support.
A square neck is a prominent plus size swimsuit style for 2022. The completely lined swimsuit features a top with an underwire to keep you in place and ruching on the high-waisted bottoms to give visual interest to an already attractive piece.
Fun, stylish and on-trend swimwear for this season is a one-piece with a deep V-neck that comes in a variety of colors and prints and really highlights curves. Made from premium materials that are both luxurious and gentle to the touch.
If you want to make a statement then this is a must-have. Vibrant and eye-catching, it is the perfect swimsuit to grab anyone’s attention. Perfectly designed to fit large chests and curves, it’s one of the trendiest hot-pink swimwear for 2022.
A minimalist design, mixing fashion-forward with comfort, this cami style bikini is the perfect plus size ensemble. With coverage in the right places, and premium quality material, it is a huge hit.
It doesn't always take much to turn a bikini into a dazzling look. The subtle frill on this two-piece brief is exciting without sacrificing comfort or movement.
If you're wondering if stripes are flattering, let us reassure you! Strategic diagonal stripes bring the attention inward and can aid in minimizing a larger chest (if that's your desire), while horizontal stripes on the bottom help balance the bust. The sliding band on the halter top and adjustable ties on the bottoms allow you to find your perfect fit with this triangle bikini set.
This summer, expect to see vintage flowers everywhere. Both the sweetheart neckline and crisscross back of this vibrant underwire bikini are extremely attractive and flattering. Pair it with some matching bottoms to complete the whole look.
An asymmetrical one-shoulder top will surely make a statement. The double straps are not only fashionable, but they also give additional support (along with the removable padding). Pair with the ribbed briefs, cheeky bottoms, or swim shorts to complete the look.
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Now that you have some information on the plus size bikini market, including what is trending for summer 2022, and how it can be profitable for you as B2B wholesalers or resellers – let’s have a look at some key steps on how you can actually buy and source these products from an e-commerce platform such as is one of the best global marketplaces to start an e-commerce business. It’s an e-commerce platform where over 140 million sellers and buyers meet.
First, you’ll need to set up your free account and fill in some mandatory details.
When looking for things to buy on, it's a good idea to make sure you've focused your search using three different search functions:
The product must be branded as "Ready to Ship" and have a "Start Order" button on the product detail page in order to purchase immediately.
You'll need to "Contact Supplier" and utilize the "Chat Now!" instant messaging option to negotiate with the seller. If you want samples of the product, place an order smaller than the required MOQ, decrease the price of the products, or make any other changes to the order.
📌Read more: What is minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
It's time to place an order once you've sorted out the terms of your agreement. Although you can remove the transaction from, we do not recommend it. Trade Assurance, which protects both the buyer and the seller, is no longer available after the transaction leaves the site.
You will keep in communication on and pay using their secure payment site if you place your order there.
Receiving your goods is the final step in the buying process. When it comes to cross-border shipping and logistics, Freight provides dependable and transparent service. It transports ocean freight, air freight, air express, and air packages from China to destinations across the world.
That’s a short guide on how to buy and source your products on However, for a more detailed guide and overview, please tap here.
When it comes to buying and sourcing on, you can do so safely and securely.
Yes, there are some unscrupulous people that lurk on marketplaces, but that is true of every online marketplace., however, makes it easy to find products to sell online in a cost-effective way.
Simply use your judgment and only do business with suppliers you can trust. Open a seller account and start your B2B journey right now!
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