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6 Fashion Tips to Ensure you Look Stylish in 2021 – India West

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As fashion trends has been thriving all these past years. Regardless of gender and age, Fashion is emerging as a powerful tool to feel empowered and confident. As 2020 has been very perturbing because of Covid-19, people have been very unsettled and limited to their homes under lock down. However, fashion is tenacious under every circumstance.
People are always on lookout for enlightening tips to stay up to date with latest Fashion Tips. So we are bringing an informative list of tips for you to glimmer with fashionable trends.
Rush down to our list and explore the secrets
You know what? Whatever you wear or carry if its without confidence, you are wearing nothing. There is a golden rule for a woman “Fitness First” It’s not about body shaming you can be of any size but consider fitness as your mental fitness more than the physical fitness. Choose your closet collection wisely that put the focus attention on your shape and attribute. You will probably often listen “just do according to your Age” unfortunately they do not know age is just a number, as you are the commander of your persona, don’t allow that number to halt you from trying something trending. 
Bright colors have been very enchanting when it comes to feel vibrant. We believe in vibes, why not giving positive and enthusiastic vibes to the people around you. When it comes to the formal attire people go for the same dull and lazy color combinations that has been passing generation to generation since ages. Why not make it groovy? If you are wearing a formal attire you can add any delightful color to your Tie or Shirt.
When it comes to ladies, they have always been a picky one especially when it comes to the accessories. Chose a vibrant
Yellow color because it always tempts the viewers. Grab a clutch or just add a patterned design to your attire. It will spice up your personality and you will look incredibly intriguing. 
When it comes to protecting yourself, you will evidently use the face mask during your mobility or interacting with other people. So why not do it beautifully? Try to match your face mask with your attire. Just blend it with a fashion, don’t consider it wearing only for the purpose of safety, accept it as your daily routine dressing part. But make sure to opt for a silky breathable fabric as it is essential to be on the safe side while going with the trends. You can try vivipins for the customization of your neck gaiters and face masks Or if you are inconsiderable to go for customization process just wear any vibrant or red color and grab a black sleek mask and keep vibing like a pro fashion icon. Just make sure to keep you and others safe. 
Wearing headscarves is no more an odd fashion. Just go beyond the fashion mania and evolve with something vogue and be a trend setter. Apart from relating it to fashion, some days are bad hair days, keeping in mind minus your styling and dressing time and just go on with a head scarf or bandana. As mentioned earlier, it is hardly a trend but why not we go for it with some exceptional ideas. Try to get your scarves customized according to your desire or pick a color that match your boots to go for the best possible cemetery. Choose a Pony Tie or a twisted headband, there are various looks you can bring off with just a single scarf, it can vary from effortless or to intricately detailed.   
Accessorizing is the most important way to spice up your persona and it absolutely contributes to your attire and outfit. Incorporate phenomenal pieces like jewelry, watches and shoes to make your combination go in depth of fashion.
Choose a watch color that reflects with your pants/trousers, undoubtedly you will look hefty.
Hair accessory is the top-notch style to show of your fashion skills or tie your hair with a silk scrunchie.
As winters gives us an opportunity to  wear loads of stuff, you can add on hats and gloves to keep you warm besides it will add an extra ordinary pattern to your look. Without exception accessories are always a pop of flair to a simple outfit. 
It never incapacitates you to try something up to the minute. Nowadays, it is very undemanding to stay tuned with the new trends that are going on. Most of us are introverts for trying any new swing in the fashion trends and thoughtful as well. A trend setter is the one who dares to try something that is uncommon among others, who knows what you discover can be famed. Never under estimate your guts and confidence because no matter what you are Beautiful. 
We have brought our researched list of fashion tips to spark up your 2021, as you know most of the people have spent their time in isolation under lock down due to covid-19 in 2020. Be enthusiastic enough to bring joy to your life once again and Vibe hard with your splendid fashion sense.
Accept the fact, we have to follow the SOP’s while following the fashion trends. If you want to pass Fancy just remember to pass Safely. We are excited to see you guys following these tips and bring joys to your life.
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