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Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy Review – Cosmopolitan

Let me explain *exactly* how I’m figuring out my NYE look.
Fashion-wise, New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays I like to start planning out early. It occupies some unique space in my brain/closet, a time to be as bold or bright or, honestly, ridiculous as desired. Those opportunities pop up elsewhere (hi, best-friend trip to Vegas!), but New Year’s Eve is annual, reliable, and always down for a good time.
I start shopping way before I have any idea of what my real plans will consist of—the actual night really doesn’t affect what I want to wear. Cooking and drinking at home, partying with a few friends, or going out, my personal dress code is the same: fun, bright, and ready to p-a-r-t-y.
Past years’ prep has resulted in me racking up the credit card debt (an admittedly bad move since it’s also gift-buying season). I’ll order, wait for all the packages to arrive, and try on everything at home before returning the non-winners. The final amount I spend isn’t ridiculous, but the mountain of options I order to get to the end outfit makes it seem like I just bought out an entire department store.
That rookie move, however, is a thing of my past now that I’ve discovered Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy. I ordered five different NYE options, tried everything on, took some selfies, and sent back the losers with a prepaid label. All in all, I had seven days from delivery to make my choice before paying for what I ended up keeping (sorry, but you’ll have to wait to see the winner on the gram).
See everything I tried below, plus a few other kind of amazing found-them-on-Amazon pieces I’d want to style them with…
There’s just something about partying in bubblegum pink right now. This color kept catching my attention, and I loved how there’s a bit of an ‘80s vibe (and puff shoulders are way better than shoulder pads).
I’d wear it on the big night with all the rhinestones I could find. Pile them on shoes, wrists, ears—the more, the better.
I thought this was kinda office-proper until clocking the hemline and low-V. Because of that push-pull, I knew trying it on would be super important to make sure it felt playful and not too proper.
As for accessories, ankle boots would give it some edge since pumps might have played up the “working girl” situation. I always love swapping out my regular bag for something funky, and a red lip is a no-brainer.
My casual-but-dayum look would be this seriously wow top with a pair of jeans. To balance how revealing the top is (and to let it stand out because, sorry, it is a statement), I tried it on with a pair of high-rise jeans. And also ordered fashion tape because I don’t want to make too much of a statement.
A sequin-covered mask will make sense for NYE’s party-all-the-time vibe. Those chunky braided mules are a shoe I’d also wear Monday to Friday, so buying them feels like a smart investment.

Every NYE I always wind up trying a look that’s kind of disco-fantastic, and this year I zeroed in on this dark gunmetal shiner. It’s a bit more casino boss than blackjack patron, which I’m vibing with.
My ‘70s-inspired fashion dreams are usually punctuated with yellow gold, but the dark gray color of this pick had me rethinking that approach. Instead, I tried it on with gunmetal everything.

This loose, gauzy maxi prrrrrrobably isn’t appropriate to leave the house in (I live in the northeast, where winter is real). This option will be great if I decide to stay in and host, but I’m also not against throwing a huge puffer on top of it and braving the elements.
If I do wear it at home though, I’ll skip shoes in favor of fuzzy slippers and experiment with funky accessories (is there a better time to try a neon-accented beret?). I also can’t stand suffering through a strapless bra, so lingerie that will look good peeking out is part of the outfit.




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