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Anniversary of Edmundo Bazo's decease – FC Barcelona

On the mark of the demise of Edmundo Bazo, the Supporters Clubs Council signed the letter below:
Dear Edmundo,
Over the last year in which you have not been around, many things have happened. But you can be calm and content. Content for having won the treble once again last year, as you well know. And we must tell you that, in this campaign, we were able to win the European Super Cup, the Club World Cup, the league and the Copa del Rey.
It was not easy, with the league going down to the final day and, especially the cup final in Madrid, in which members and supporters clubs pushed the team to victory. Furthermore, of course we continue to have the best player in the world and the best front three, with Messi, Suàrez and Neymar. We are sure that you are very proud of them.
It has also been a year of goodbyes. Two references of the club have left us, Cruyff and Manel Vich. We are sure that you are now remembering experiences together and enjoying our beloved Barça.
And what can I tell you about our penyas, for whom you worked so hard for and spent so many hours on? Well, the World Confederation of FC Barcelona Supporters Clubs is now a reality. What once was your vision, the dream of all, is now a reality. We are now working very hard to enforce the penya brand, so the movement can reach excellence. It is a long road, and it is never easy, but we always keep in mind what you used to say: go ahead, do not falter, may it come to fruition.
Now our penyas have an active presence in AFEPE, one of your big dreams, helping to promote the interests of good relations between all teams. You have always wanted understanding and brotherhood with supporters of other clubs, and to promote the healthy rivalry always with a smile. This is a message and a way of doing what we always represent.
We know that what we are explaining to you today you have already seen, or have enjoyed, from above and we hope that you are proud of us. We are continuing on the path that we began together, with the same dreams that we share and the hopes of achieving them.
We will never forget you.
Friend of the Supporters Club Council 




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