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Best Swimsuit Trends to Wear in 2022 – InStyle

Julia Guerra is a freelance contributor with over six years of experience writing beauty, health, wellness, style, parenting, and food content. Julia's career began in 2015 at Bustle as a beauty and fashion writer. From there, she moved on to, where she launched the Hearst start-up's beauty vertical as an editor. In 2017, she joined Elite Daily as a health and wellness reporter, and went freelance full-time in 2019. You can find some of her other bylines in publications like InStyle, INSIDER Reviews, WWD, MindBodyGreen, Shape, Eat This Not That, SheKnows, and more.
Bathing suit season will commence in a matter of weeks, so if you’re in the market for a new bikini or one-piece, now’s the time to shop around. Unfortunately, just like jeans and bras, finding your best swimsuit fit can be a time-consuming commitment (which is probably why some people start shopping for them months in advance). For those who aren’t well-versed in the swimwear sphere, there’s a lot to try before you buy with details like cut, color, and overall comfort to consider.
Our advice? If you don't know where to start, take note of this year's best swimsuit trends and go from there.
Of course, the best bathing suits are, well, the ones you feel your best in, regardless of what the fashion industry declares trendy from one season to the next. That being said, trends are meant to spark style inspiration and introduce you to new color palettes, materials, and designs you may have overlooked in seasons past. The trends of today are also often inspired by the trends of yesteryear, giving fashionistas the opportunity to channel the aesthetics of eras past in a way that feels modern and fresh. So when Jaynee Penny, the creative director of celeb-loved brand TRIANGL (which is beloved by Hailey Bieber and Vanessa Hudgens), says that the hottest swimsuit trends for summer 2022 reference the 1960s and ’70s, we’re neither surprised nor disappointed.
“Last year, [swimwear] was all about textured nylon-spandex; this year, it’s bolder, it’s brighter and the sensory experience is something we are really excited for,” Penny tells InStyle over email. Patterned velvet, lurex that spans the rainbow, and raised prints are just a taste of what’s to come according to Penny, and she’s particularly excited for a new take on crochet in the space.
Mixing up materials isn't the only focus of swimwear designers in 2022. According to Penny, making going to the beach or pool, not just easy, but also versatile is a top priority, and a three-piece set fits that bill.
“Bikinis are meant to be enjoyed throughout the entire summer day, so we’ve designed [TRIANGL] bikinis to work, not only at the beach but also to and from and everywhere in between,” Penny tells InStyle. “The options are endless; hot pants, loose leg shorts, skirts (mesh, sparkle, or ruched), sarongs, and shirting. You can keep it simple yet chic with a three-way matching suit, otherwise, mix-matching textures and prints also make for statement wear.”
There’s no doubt the three-piece set has become a beloved staple in many people’s wardrobes as of late, thanks, in part, to the pandemic bringing the importance of being comfortable to the forefront of everyday dressing. But just as there are different ways to define comfort, what makes someone feel their best is also subjective. This is especially true when it comes to swimwear. For some, feeling amazing in a bathing suit translates to having the option to cover up parts of their body, while others feel awesome showing a little (or a lot of) skin. For the latter, there’s the sexy cutout one-piece.
"With flattering necklines and sexy cutaways, this trend guarantees you will feel confident as it accentuates the female figure in all the right places," Penny says of the budding trend. Plus, she adds, it's a transitionary piece that merges your swimwear and fashion wardrobe. "Our one-pieces can be styled with our hats, sarongs, skirts, and shorts which ties back into the three-piece set trend."




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