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BTS: After huge uproar, Indian online teacher apologizes for threatening behaviour towards fans of the K-Pop band; ARMY say, 'Your words are not genuine'

BTS is loved all over the world. And their fan base ARMY is quick to defend and protect the boys if they feel someone is being derogatory towards them. Since morning, a video of a teacher from the educational app Physics Wallah has been going viral. It seems a girl had commented something about BTS during a virtual class and the professor Siddhartha (MSM) Misra lost his cool. He scolded the girl saying that he would grabbed her by the collar and slapped her if she was a boy. This was not all. He also taunted her for liking a group of musicians who wear lipstick and makeup to dance on stage.

BTS fans aka ARMY from India has been sharing the video on all platforms. This has also been covered in the Korean media. Several people have called out the professor saying that he could have corrected the student in a better manner. Now, the professor has issued an apology saying that he understands that he crossed the line while talking to her. People are aghast by how he has threatened physical violence in the video. In his formal apology on Instagram, he has said that he recognizes the hard work that BTS has put in their careers. Take a look at the apology video below…

Needless to say, some fans are upset. They feel it is kind of fake given how homophobic the statements made by him are in that video. BTS has been subjected to homophobic attacks in the Indian subcontinent. We know how Jungkook birthday ads were found objectionable as they promoted homosexuality. In Bangladesh, there are reports of women being harassed by boy groups who do not like BTS.




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