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BTS: J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok sets thirst trap with his live after reaching Chicago; ARMY says, 'Who told Hoseok it was ok to moan on live' [Read Tweets]

BTS member J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok has reached Chicago. He is there for the final day of the Lollapalooza Festival that will happen on July 31, 2o22. J-Hope did a live on the new Weverse to have a word with ARMY. Fans went crazy seeing his long hair, collar bones and flawless skin. He revealed that he had been eating only one meal in Korea for some days. J-Hope has dropped five kgs for the festival. The lead dancer, rapper, sub vocalist and music producer will be performing for the first time as a solo performer. He has been preparing hard for a week now.

J-Hope looked great. In one moment, he started making grunting voices on Vlive. The kind of noises you did hear after some workout. Fans are discussing how he posted a thirst trap in the most innocuous manner. Take a look at the tweets here….

Jung Hoseok said that he was exploring options on what cool things to do in Chicago. He said he had grown his hair so he could do head banging at the concert. His songs have a rock vibe like More and Arson. The BTS member has just released Jack In The Box, his first solo album. It got a good critical reception, and the songs are doing well on Spotify.




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