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Drama, Diamonds & Cha Ching – ‘hayu’ Is Coming To India & So Are The Real Housewives! –

Phaedra Park’s iconic dialogue – “You can’t be a Housewife because you don’t have a husband” quickly became the reality TV equivalent of “you can’t sit with us!”
The Real Housewives have consistently entertained us with the juiciest, most controversial, and of course the swankiest housewife wars, and boy are we OBSESSED!
hayu hayu
But honestly, even the reality TV buff in me is tired of asking my U.S. cousin for spoilers and snippets, or downloading the series in bits and pieces from godforsaken websites. 
However, it looks like the entertainment Gods have finally answered our prayers because reality TV platform hayu is finally coming to India. Complete rundowns of our favourite international reality shows are soon going to be at our fingertips! 
hayu hayu
Be it reality shows based on celebrities, cooking, shopping, lifestyle, dating or property – we can finally binge them on demand and ad-free. Many shows are available to watch straight after they air in the U.S. too!

There couldn’t be a better winter surprise for an entertainment hogger like myself. It’s decided – weekend long “The Real Housewives” marathons, hot cuppas and fuzzy sweaters are on the menu this holiday season!
hayu hayu
Right from Beverly Hills, Orange County, Salt Lake City, New York City to the much-anticipated all-stars spin-off The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip – hayu offers endless entertainment with each and every episode of Real Housewives to have ever aired!
Most women (count me in) are ecstatic about the Real Housewives franchise heading to the land of pools, movie stars and moolah – Beverly Hills! Out here, the ladies soak up some sunshine, luxury and privilege (duh!). From heiresses to entrepreneurs to a family of child actresses, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills deliver the star power and the drama.
hayu hayu
So for every time you’re in the mood to enjoy gossipy gabfests between affluent women, this show will teleport you to luxurious mansions and rants about foie gras, brunch scandals, cat fights and of course…men! 
Or for every time you’re hungover, you know it’s time to tune into The Real Housewives of NYC and watch Kelly go – “your blood type is pinot grigio”! Cheers, sis! 
hayu hayu
The much anticipated spin-off ‘The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip’ will unite 7 fan-favourite Housewives on a ritzy getaway – we’ll see them become thick as thieves, have some fun in the sun, and just sometimes…be at loggerheads and raise hell! But hey, what are the real housewives without the snacky cat fights, right?
Now that hayu has announced its arrival in the Indian market, it’s officially time to hop onto the international reality TV bandwagon. 

We can finally get our celebrity, property, cooking and fashion fix with shows like   Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real Housewives, Top Chef, Family Karma and over 300 other titles! For just R349 for a 3-month prepaid pass or R999 for 12 months, you can get all this and more on hayu.

What are you waiting for? Click here to subscribe to hayu and become a part of the reality TV inner circle.

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