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Gloss Babe A: Can’t Get Enough!

“This was my 3rd shoot with Gloss and I can’t get enough! There’s something so special about this place and these ladies that make you forget to be nervous or self conscious because you’re just having so much fun. I will keep coming back again and again ❤️ ” ~Gloss Babe A

We love Gloss Babe A’s outfit selections. She went with 2 totally different looks and they helped to create 2 totally different sets. Using unique and well fitting outfit selections will always be a huge YES in our books! If you need tips on where to shop and what to buy you can find all the info you need on our instagram and Pinterest!

We have so many clients who tell us they can’t get enough and come back for multiple sessions. Why? Well… why not? It’s important to show yourself love and compassion and you should do that in any way that makes you feel strong, empowered and amazing! Our clients happen to love the confidence they get from booking a shoot with us and we will always try new things with returning clients so they an excellent variety in their shots. Ready to book? Click HERE!
Red lace set from Change Lingerie Bodysuit from Shein
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