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Hottest Indian Female Models – BoldSky

India is filled with the most beautiful and hottest women one would ever come across in the world. There are some hottest Indian female models who have looks and personalities to die for. These top Indian models which have been listed below are regarded as the best in the industry.
There is also a misconception that these Indian beauties are meant only to strut down the runway. However, it is wrong because they are the faces of India and each of them represents our country in a multiple ways. These hottest Indian models have become much more than people who represent the vision of the designer. In today’s society, these Indian female models are a brand themselves, and represent the fashion fraternity as a whole. You might have also come across some of these female models at some point in your life.
Take a look at some of the famous hottest Indian female models which surely put a smile on our face and make us proud as Indians. These 10 female models have completely transformed the face of the Indian fashion industry.
1. Noyonika Chatterjee – This Bengali beauty is on the top list of being one of the hottest Indian female models of 2013. Noyonika has taken the place of being the queen of the ramp for over a decade. She is also one of the first models to break the stereotype of fair models. Her biggest assets is her warm complexion.
2. Nina Manuel – Being one of the hottest Indian female models, Nina Manuel carries her dusky look in style. Her looks and potential has made her one of the best celebrated models in India.
3. Madhu Sapre- This talented and hottest Indian female model in India, Madhu Sapre scandalised the nation when she had a naked photoshoot with co-model Milind Soman. However, with all this publicity, the Indian model brought about a revolutionary change in the perception of models in India.
4. Sheetal Mallar- This bubbly female Indian model is someone who would never give up on winning. This hottest Indian female model beat Madhu Sapre to win the Femina Look in the Year 1994.
5. Diandra Soares- One of the main attractions of Diandra is her bald look which she sports with style. This Indian model was the first female to be described as the most beautiful bald model one would have ever seen.
6. Nethra Raghuraman- She is regarded as one of the prettiest South Indian beauties of all time. Nethra has been a prominent face on the ramp and on television screens for a number of years now. Her best asset is her eyes.
7. Ujjwala Raut- This young lady is regarded as one of the hottest Indian female models because of her charm and grace that she brings on the ramp. Ujjwala Raut is also one of the most successful models in terms of international acclaim. She has walked the ramp for fashion brands like Roberto Cavalli, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci etc.
8. Carol Gracias- It is her beautiful complexion which commands an admiration to being the hottest Indian female model. Whenever Carol struts down the runway, she makes heads turn in awe! She is also known for her wardrobe malfunction where in which she showed the world her professionalism in the way she handled it.
9. Jesse Randhawa- If you have seen Jesse on any of the ramps, you will know the definition of beauty. Known as the runaway tigress, Jesse Randhawa always has a magnanimous presence on the ramp.
10. Jackie Shetty – She won the title of Miss Queen Bangalore in 2012. She is seen on most of the ramps in Bangalore, modeling for jewelery and exquisite fashion brands. Her smile is her biggest asset.




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