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Kid Makes Woman Share Her Snack On The Plane; Video Goes Viral – NDTV Food

While we all have been taught to share, let’s make a few things clear, not everybody likes to share food! Whether one is a child or a full-grown adult, certain people just don’t like it when someone takes popcorn from their tub at the movies or a bite from their ice cream. But others do enjoy the same! From sharing tiffin in school to sharing lunch in the office, many foodies love to sit together and take a bite from each other’s meals. These two types of foodies, the ones who like to share and the ones who don’t like to share, don’t gel well together and it is evident on the internet. Recently, a video of a woman sharing her snack has sparked quite the conversation on the internet and people are divided. Take a look at the video:

A post shared by Chelsea (@rttchelsea)

A post shared by Chelsea (@rttchelsea)

The Caucasian woman was sitting on a plane when a young kid stuck his hands in between his seat demanding gummy worms she was enjoying as a snack. The kid was not satisfied with just one gummy worm, he wanted more and waited till the woman didn’t give him a handful of gummy worms. Later on, the kid also wanted to hold hands with the woman; we assume it was his way of showing gratitude for sharing the candy. The video was uploaded by the woman on her Instagram account @rttchelsea and it has over 2.6 million views and 438k likes.

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The viral video had the internet amazed! Some were trolling the woman for sharing the bad flavour of the gummy worms while others were surprised by the way the kid made the woman share her gummy worms. Read the comments below:

“Lol, you gave him the green ones those taste the worst”

“Aaaaa giving him the orange ones because *sic* no one likes them “

“First I was like: HAHA THE CHEEK OF THIS KID  Then the hand-holding part: awe man that’s too cute”

“Guy has more game than me”

“Giving him the Orange and green I see you not whipping out the red and blue”

What do you think of the video? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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