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Malayalam model-actress Shahana found dead on her 22nd birthday; family accuses husband of murder

This is tragic! Reportedly Malayalam model and actress Shahana was found dead on Thursday which is on her birthday night and her husband Sajjad has been taken into custody after the police got the information about the actress’s death under mysterious circumstances. Reportedly the girl was found dead in her bathroom. The 22-year-old girl’s parents are extremely in shock at their daughter’s birthday as per reports in Mathrubhumi News, Shahana’s mother said, ” My daughter would never die by suicide, she was murdered. She used to complain to me that her husband was beating her, and not properly feeding her. She was tortured. She was murdered. The police must investigate and give justice to my daughter”. While the girl’s mother claims her husband is the main cause. The investigating police officer said, ” Sajjad earlier worked in Qatar but is unemployed here. Recently, Sahana acted in a movie. An argument is said to have happened between the husband and wife over the money Sahana got for acting in the movie”. In his statement, the landlord of their house claims, ” I heard Sajjad’s call for help and I rushed to the house. I saw his wife lying on his lap when I entered the house. When I asked him what happened, he said she was not responding. So I asked him to take her to the hospital. We then called the police and they reached here within five minutes”. Shahana who celebrated her 22nd birthday was located dead the very same evening on h resonance in Kozhikode. while her family accuses her of domestic violence against her husband Sajjad, her household has to confirm that she encountered residential physical violence by her spouse many times. The police even informed the media that Sahana got married to Sajjad almost one and half years back.    




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