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MMS, TechNova webinar elucidates key power jargons – PrintWeek India

By 12 Aug 2020
The Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS) in association with TechNova Imaging Systems organised a two-hour webinar titled “Empower, Jargon made simple” on 7 August 2020 to explain the various jargons used in electricity bills, and how to conserve and save power.
Medha Virkar, past president at MMS, emphasised that the philosophy was to create awareness that the printer is not a layman and they understand the electricity bill, as it is part of the input cost impacting business.
A session conducted by Sandeep Guram, senior general manager at TechNova Imaging Systems, shed light on the complex subject – electricity. Guram's presentation and practical solutions ensured that the jargons, which are seen on both sides of electricity bills, were understood and simplified.
Additionally, a case study on an electricity bill in Maharashtra enabled the participants of the webinar to understand and relate it to their bills. Each component of the electricity bill was analysed and with the expertise of Guram, the approach to save a big amount on electricity bills based on 12-months consumption was shared with the audience.
During the Q&A round hosted by Tushar Dhote, president at MMS, Guram addressed how to resolve various issues faced by the participants. "We are expecting a lot more questions as the issue around electricity is vast, and based on the response a sequel to this edition will be announced shortly," the organisers of the webinar told PrintWeek.
Shreerang Joshi of TechNova briefed about the various green projects undertaken by Team TechNova in their initiative to reduce the carbon footprints. The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks from Jigar Satra, managing committee member, MMS.
Key takeaways from the session:
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