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Rajeev Sen's mother-in-law Neelam Asopa sends love to his pic with Ziana; is this a hint for a reconciliation with Charu Asopa?

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa’s relationship is grabbing headlines and how. It seems like she is living separately with Ziana now. Two days back, she made a VLOG from the home of her brother. But it looks like Ziana got to spend some time with her daddy dearest. Rajeev Sen has shared pics with her on his social media handle. The two look adorable. Fans sent love to the pic of the two. Charu Asopa is also posting a lot of new pictures, and it looks like she is staying with Rajeev for some days. The couple might just give their marriage one more try for Ziana.

We can see the comment from Neelam Asopa who is the mother of Charu. She called Ziana, Nani Ki Dulari. Some months back, Charu and Ziana were in Bikaner for a long time. Rajeev Sen said he missed his baby who was travelling so much in the pandemic. The handsome businessman said that his mother-in-law supported Rajeev in the whole matter. Well, it looks like that now with that comment. On the other hand, Charu Asopa has said that even her paternal grandparents dote on Ziana. Charu Asopa told us, “We went to Kolkata for a few days. Ziana was constantly with her grandfather. He calls her Didibhai. In fact, he had a full itinerary planned where he took her to meet all his friends. It was too cute. I feel kids should spend time with grandparents. They get to learn so much. Ziana is loved and how.”  




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