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The most talented actresses 30 or younger – Yardbarker

Ah, to be young, talented and famous. Hollywood is a place where you see a lot of working people of vastly different ages. Here, though, we are going to focus on the young actresses of Hollywood who have made an impact. These are the most talented actresses who have not yet turned 31.
Ronan is such a talented actress that we’ve all learned how to pronounce AND spell her first name. She was still a teenager when she got her first Oscar nomination, in “Atonement,” and her career has only gotten better from there. After starring in “Lady Bird,” she picked up yet-another Oscar nomination for “Little Women.”
Moretz first was seen by many people in “Kick-Ass” as Hit-Girl which, uh, has some problematic elements to it. We won’t blame Moretz for that, though. Not everybody was into the remake of “Carrie” that she starred in, but she was delightful in her recurring role in “30 Rock” as Jack Donaghy’s teenage nemesis.
Clemons is likely on her way to becoming a much bigger star. So far, she’s had some smaller roles, including a nice turn in “Angie Tribeca.” She also starred in the small film “Heart Beats Loud,” which showed off her tremendous singing chops.
Can you believe Dakota Fanning is 26 now? Don’t you feel old? Dakota has been a known name for over a decade, and while she’s maybe not yet considered a star, she has grown into being a fine character actor. Her turn in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…” was jarring, but it showed the kind of actor she can be as an adult.
It’s double the Fannings! You can’t mention Dakota and not mention her younger sister, Elle. She’s only 21, and her career is starting to take off. Elle has had some lead roles recently in films such as “I Think We’re Alone Now” and “Mary Shelley,” where she played the writer of “Frankenstein.”
There was reason for skepticism about “Stranger Things.” After all, could these child actors really shoulder the load? It turns out they could, and a couple of them are already turning into stars. That includes Brown, who has the tougher role of them all as Eleven, the girl with supernatural powers making her way in the world for the first time.
Yes, Robbie is still under 30. She came seemingly out of nowhere to make a splash in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and has kept working with big directors since. Like Dakota Fanning, Robbie played somebody famous, or infamous, in “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood…” in her case playing Sharon Tate. Some complained about her role, but it’s a beautiful portrayal aching with emotion.
Lawrence has been a star for so long it’s hard to believe she’s only 29. To be fair, she won her first Oscar at 22, the second-youngest woman to ever win Best Actress. Whether it’s big-money blockbusters or awards bait, Lawrence works in any and all capacities. She’s maybe the best actress of her generation, and she’s just getting started.
Beetz is more than just the actress with more “Zs” in her name per capita than just about anybody. She’s also a talent who can do both comedy and drama. Beetz has an Emmy nomination for “Atlanta” and had a memorable turn in “Deadpool 2” as Domino. Her career seems to be on the rise, as she had a role in five movies in 2019.
It will be fascinating to see what Turner does now that “Game of Thrones” is over. For years, since she was still a kid, she’s been playing Sansa Stark. With the HBO hit having ended, it’s time to see what Turner will do from here. She played the key role in the flop “Dark Phoenix,” but she’s only 24, so there’s plenty of time to figure it out.
You can see the family resemblance when you see Emma and find out that her aunt is Julia Roberts. Emma may not be America’s sweetheart, but maybe she will be someday. If nothing else, Ryan Murphy seems to love her. She’s starred in six different shows he’s created — also, that terrible pizza movie “Little Italy,” but everybody makes mistakes.
Steinfeld made her feature-length debut in the Coen Brothers’ “True Grit,” and she immediately showed the kind of talent she has. Though Steinfeld has a music career as well, she’s kept acting. That’s great, because she has a clear knack for it. If you haven’t seen “The Edge of Seventeen” you should do that immediately.
Feldstein is already starting to become a star. She had a nice supporting role in “Lady Bird” and then starred in “Booksmart” alongside a woman who will appear later in this piece. However, she may be about to become an even bigger name. Feldstein is playing Monica Lewinsky in the upcoming new season of “American Crime Story.”
Watson has been famous forever, so we don’t really need to tell you who she is. Well, unless you never saw a “Harry Potter” movie. In that case, you might not know that she played Hermoine, making her a massive movie star as a teenager. She’s still acting and still having success. For example, she starred as Belle in that live-action “Beauty and the Beast” movie.
We all know Zendaya is Meechee. She’s a lot more than that, though. The former Disney star is now in the “Spider-Man” movies as MJ and stars in the mature HBO series “Euphoria.” The 23-year-old also has a role in the upcoming “Dune” film.
Woodley once played MJ in a “Spider-Man” movie as well, though her scenes in the Andrew Garfield version got deleted. No worries, because she’s had a notable career anyway. She got great critical reviews for her work in “The Descendents,” and then after that she starred in the blockbuster movie series “Divergent.”
Knock the “Twilight” films all you want, but you can’t blame Stewart for them. Her performance in those movies wasn’t great, but she’s shown since that when given good material, she can do a lot with it. In fact, Stewart won a Cesar Award, the French equivalent of the Oscars, for her work in “Clouds of Sils Maria.”
Greta Gerwig seems to be surrounded by promising young talent. In addition to her own films, she co-wrote and co-starred in “Mistress America,” a film that she appeared in alongside Kirke. The sister of “Girls” star Jemima Kirke also had a starring role in the Amazon series “Mozart in the Jungle.”
The daughter of Lea Thompson and director Howard Duetch, Zoey is starting to carve out her own fine career. She’s had roles in a few notable films, including “The Disaster Artist” and “Set It Up,” and the “Zombieland” sequel. The first movie helped Emma Stone en route to stardom. Maybe Deutch is on that path as well.
Ridley was a total unknown before getting cast as Rey in the new “Star Wars” movies. Now she’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world. There’s no turning back from being the star of a “Star Wars” film, especially a successful one. (Sorry, Hayden Christensen.) On top of that, Ridley has shown she’s a talented actor, so she should be just fine after her run as Rey ends.
Taylor-Joy turned heads in “The Witch” and was also quite good in “Thoroughbreds,” which we will get to again in the next slide. The young actress played Emma in the recent adaptation of the Jane Austen novel of the same name, and maybe someday that “New Mutants” movie will actually come out.
Cooke was excellent as the titular dying girl in “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” and then she got a chance to be in a big blockbuster in “Ready Player One.” However, her best work was in “Thoroughbreds,” a pitch-black film about a troubled girl and her sociopath friend, played by the aforementioned Taylor-Joy.
Fisher has been doing voice work for years, which is kind of crazy given that she’s only 16. Then she made the turn to starring in live-action work with the film “Eighth Grade.” It won her a ton of awards for breakthrough performance, which she hasn’t quite had a chance to build on yet. She did appear in two episodes of “Castle Rock,” though, and performed a voice in the recent “Addams Family” movie.
Breslin first made a splash in the quirky family story “Little Miss Sunshine.” She was only a little kid then but has continued working. Her next biggest role was probably in “Zombieland,” which she recently revisited for the sequel. The only difference is that, 10 years later, she’s in her 20s.
We have a feeling Pugh is about to become a huge star. Pugh had people who weren’t even necessarily into wrestling enjoying “Fighting With My Family,” but it’s “Midsommar” that really got her name on people’s lips. Playing Amy March in the hit adaptation of “Little Women” certainly did nothing to stop her trajectory. Next up is a supporting turn in “Black Widow.”
If you watched “Justified,” you saw Dever hold her own along some great actors in her recurring role. Then…she starred in “Last Man Standing,” Tim Allen’s sitcom, for six seasons. Fortunately, now she has started to put that behind her, and she just starred in “Booksmart” alongside Beanie Feldstein.
Shipka is the third-youngest person on this list, at only 20, but she’s already a TV veteran. While approximately 17 different actors played Bobby Draper on “Mad Men,” Shipka was good enough to play Sally through the entire run of the show. Now she’s getting to star in her own show, as she played Sabrina in Netflix’s gothic horror take on the iconic teenage witch.
It’s hard not to notice Debicki and not just because she’s 6-foot-2.  She’s also shown that she’s got plenty of acting chops to go with her stature, especially in “Widows.” That was a bit of a star turn for her, and we’re excited to see what’s next for Debicki.
If you saw “Parasite,” the Best Picture winner of 2019, you saw Park jump off the screen. She played the daughter of the Kim family, but this was not her first taste of acclaim. The 2015 Korean film “The Priests” won her a ton of awards. All she needs is more time on screens in America.
Aparicio has been in one movie, but she’s started her career with a bang. The actress starred in Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma,” and immediately she was venerated for her performance. Aparicio’s breakout role got her an Oscar nomination. The Mexican actress is 26, and her career is just getting started.
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