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The top 100 US hospitals, according to Merative and Fortune – The Daily Briefing

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July 6, 2022
Merative, formerly known as IBM Watson Health, and Fortune last week released their annual list of the top 100 hospitals and top 15 health systems in the United States—and 83 are Advisory Board members.
Cheat sheet: See how major hospital quality programs calculate their ratings
To create the top 100 hospitals list, researchers used public data to evaluate 2,650 short-term, acute care, non-federal U.S. hospitals. The researchers examined Medicare cost reports, Medicare Provider Analysis and Review data, and certain measures and patient satisfaction data from CMS‘ Hospital Compare website.
To measure performance, researchers scored hospitals on four different domains, including:
In addition, researchers included a community health measure this year. The new measure was based on three components proposed by the Bloomberg American Health Initiative and the Center for Health Equity at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, including how a hospital:
To create the top 15 health systems list, researchers separately evaluated 349 health systems and 3,206 hospitals that are part of health systems using publicly available data from CMS. Health systems were scored on their performance for clinical outcomes, operational efficiency (severity adjust length of stay and Medicare spending per beneficiary only), and patient experience.
Merative and Fortune separated their final list of the top hospitals into five categories: major teaching, teaching, large community, medium community, and small community.
Among major teaching hospitals, 15 made the top hospitals list:
Among teaching hospitals, 25 made the top hospitals list:
Among large community hospitals, 20 made the top hospitals list:
Among medium community hospitals, 20 made the top hospitals list:
Among small community hospitals, 20 made the top hospitals list:
(* denotes an Advisory Board member)
The top US health systems
Merative and Fortune separated its list of the top 15 health systems into three categories: large, medium, and small, with five health systems in each category.
The top 5 large health systems were:
The top 5 medium health systems were:
The top 5 small health systems were:
(* denotes an Advisory Board member)
According to Fortune, the organizations on this year’s top hospital and top health systems list “represent those that held up best against the pandemic’s ongoing stress test,” performing better than their peer hospitals are clinical outcomes, operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and more.
In particular, Merative’s analysis found that if all hospitals performed as well as those on the top 100 list, 104,000 patient deaths could have been averted, 55,000 patients could have been protected from complications, and $12.5 billion could have been saved on in-patient care.
In addition, Merative found that hospitals that consistently rank among the top 100 hospitals share seven key characteristics, including:
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Current ArticleThe top 100 US hospitals, according to Merative and Fortune
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