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Three Refreshed Ways to Do Business Casual This Summer – InsideHook

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There are few phrases more grating on my style editor ears than the dreaded, boss-tossed, soul-sucking business causal. This is unfortunate, mostly because it’s still defacto language for describing white-collar office garb. Big meeting? Business-casual. That client dinner? Business-casual. Your run-of-the-mill Tuesday? You guessed it: business-casual.
We’re here to inform you that it doesn’t have to be this way. The rules have (kinda) changed, as have the offerings; between brands challenging the status quo on comfort and style like Todd Snyder and Lululemon and a looser, less robotic demand for the typical blue shirt-navy chino combination, there are an abundance of ways to meet the company standard and still look like a million bucks, especially with the flexibility summer provides.
To help you on your sartorial journey of nine-to-five enlightenment, we’ve highlighted three different warm-weather ways to tackle biz-cas this summer: the options range from reserved to office style god, and all champion the mantle of refreshed, stylish business-casual. Try them out as recommended, or, if you feel inclined to do so, mix and match; just ditch the finance-bro digs. Below, three ways to rock business-causal this summer that don’t suck.
Change can be a hard thing to embrace, and we get that you might be apprehensive about switching up your everyday uniform. If that’s the case, start by updating your staples, instead. It’s cool to stick to the safety of blue-navy, but try an easier cut — like the Desk to Dinner Shirt from Bonobos — and some updated trousers instead of your stuff old styles. Maybe you even swap the brogues for some work-approved sneakers, too. The sky is the limit!
So often, the “casual” end of business-casual gets swept under the rug. We’re putting our foot down; it is perfectly acceptable to wear jeans — especially handsome, selvage joints that’ll make you the envy of every Levi’s loser and denim afficianado alike — when they’re dressed up with a breathable blazer and some lightweight woven loafers.
If you haven’t incorporated the swanky sweater polo into your work wardrobe, well, you’re missing out. Just formal enough to pass inspection but with all the ’50s (and ’60s, and ’70s) charm of an off-the-clock Don Draper, it’s the best way to make an impression at the office…and at the post-work happy hour. Paired with some eye-catching pants and an easy slip-on? We’re not saying you’ll automatically get a raise, but we’re not not saying that, either.
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