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Ukraine crisis: Govt exploring ways to help evacuees complete studies

A Ukrainian editor argues India must not remain neutral as Russia’s war in her country continues
In the early 1990s, Moscow guaranteed Ukraine’s safety and security if the latter gave up all its nuclear weapons. Ukraine agreed and it now has Moscow threatening to invade it
It is the world’s largest military alliance, representing 30 nations, one billion people and half of the world’s economic might. But Nato, formed with a mandate to ensure peace in Europe, is now the cause of the Russia-Ukraine war. Here’s all you need to know about the alliance and it's role in the
The Russian autocrat’s official income and properties are modest. But many of those in his tight-knit circle of daughters, cousins, old neighbours, KGB associates, and even judo partners have become billionaires
Over the years, Russia’s veto power has thwarted many UN Security Council resolutions targeting India on issues such as Goa and Kashmir





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