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5G to transform economic landscape of India

5G will open new avenues for manufacturing, healthcare, education, R&D, gaming and smart city projects by integrating with new-age technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine learning, drones, AI and big data analytics

With 5G advancement telecom operators have geared up to provide high-speed services from this Diwali that are poised to transform consumer experiences

We will see a multifaceted impact in terms of creating opportunities for people and businesses that have the potential to completely change the economic landscape of India

With a goal of reaching a $5 trillion economy by 2025, 5G is the roadmap for the socio-economic development and future prosperity of our nation

The advances it will bring - everything from self-driving cars and smart cities, to connected healthcare and industrial IoT, will truly revolutionise every sector and open new avenues for businesses across regions,

According to experts, numerous opportunities will arise for the skilled workforce in India as the demand for 5G services rises. For an estimate, in FY2021-2022, around 36,000 competent workers were needed in India for 5G and allied technologies.