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‘World’s Most Beautiful Girl’ Thylane Blondeau Pantless In Boots Without Words – The Blast

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Thylane Blondeau is completely pantless in big boots and she’s speechless. The “World’s Most Beautiful Girl,” who has been carrying around her famous moniker since she was a child, today uploaded fresh pictures for her 3.8 million Instagram followers, and it was a very leggy affair from the 19-year-old. Thylane, snagging 2019’s Cosmopolitan Model of the Year award, seemed to be proving she’s worthy of winning all over again in 2021, but there was a hidden agenda to the post. Check it out below.

Scroll for the photos. They come as Thylane expands out of modeling and into flexing her business muscles. Following her Heaven’s May clothing line, the Aix-en-Provence native launched another one in 2020, this time called No Smile and named after the star’s trademark poker face.
Not immediately advertising her brand, Blondeau uploaded two shots on Sunday, both showing the stunner in only a bottle green and oversized hoodie, plus matching green leather boots. The Paris shots also took in a little European architecture for good measure.

The gorgeous photos, quickly racking up likes, came with absolutely no caption. They did, however, direct fans to Thylane’s biggest goal right now. Getting her followers to shop her clothing line, with No Smile tagged as the Cacharel spokesperson ensured it isn’t only other brands getting promo. Thylane is also fresh from explaining exactly why she picked the name, and it’s pretty humorous stuff, especially from a girl who isn’t a native English speaker.
Scroll for her stunning bikini body and cute English!

Announcing No Smile towards the end of last year, Blondeau put her money where her mouth is, telling fans:
“I’ve created no smile few months ago and I was looking for the perfect name for the brand , and as you know I never smile !!! A lot of people always ask , are you sad ? Why u are you never smiling , you look sad ?!? Smile makes me weak makes me feel like I like you ! !”

Proving she knows her celebrity pop culture and quoting former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, the model added:
“I’d rather no smile than do a fake smile ” the prettiest smile can hide the deepest secret ” ” everyone can smile why would I ” She’ll smile when she wants too, don’t force it ” and as Victoria’s said ” i have a responsibility to the fashion industry.”
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